Richard Patricio
Interim President and CEO and Director

Mr. Patricio is VP Legal and Corporate Affairs of Pinetree Capital Ltd. He has held that position since October 2005. Mr. Patricio is also a Director of Mega Precious Metals, Quetzal Energy Ltd., X-Terra Resources, Dejour Enterprises Ltd., Titan Uranium and U3O8 Corp. Additionally, Mr. Patricio is Executive Vice President of Mega Uranium Ltd. And VP Legal and Corporate Affairs of Brownstone Ventures Inc.

Philip Williams, CFA
Position: Director

Mr. Williams has over 10 years of public market experience with a focus on junior resource companies. Mr. Williams' expertise includes evaluating new opportunities and raising funds. His wide range of relationships with issuers, investors and brokers will be beneficial to communicating the Terreno story to the market. Mr. Williams is a CFA Charter holder and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Sheldon Inwentash

Mr. Inwentash is Chairman and CEO of Pinetree Capital Ltd., a Canadian investment company with a large portfolio of investments primarily in the junior resource and energy sectors, including Terreno. Mr. Inwentash, a Chartered Accountant, also serves as a Director and Officer for several other TSX and TSX Venture Exchange listed companies, including Mega Uranium Ltd and Brownstone Ventures Inc. He brings more than 25 years of experience in the investment industry and a deep understanding of progressive investment and financial management strategies. Mr. Inwentash was an Ontario finalist for the 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Peter Mullens
VP Exploration, Director

Mr. Mullens is a geologist with 27 years experience in Australasia, North and South America and China. Mullens' experience includes mine geology, grass roots exploration, feasibility study work and business development. He was responsible for a number of successes including acquiring the Cerro Negro project for MIM Holdings Limited prior to its sale to Andean Resources, acquiring Aquiline Resources main assets in Argentina which was bought by Pan American Silver in 2009 and developing Laramide Resources into a quality uranium company. He is currently VP Exploration and Director of Laramide Resources In addition he is a founder and director of Lydian Resources and Chairman of Hodges Resources.

Horacio Puigdomenech P.Geo.
Position: Project Manager

Geologist, Universidad Nacional de San Juan (UNSJ) graduate, has a degree in Geostatistical Evaluation of Ore Deposits at University of Chile. He has 28 years of work experience in most of the Argentine territory. He has worked in exploration and evaluation of ore deposits of gold, silver, cooper in Argentina-Peru, and exploration of lithium deposits in salt pans (Salares) of the Puna plateau. He has a thorough knowledge of the geology of the Puna, Cordillera and Argentinean Patagonia. He has participated in academic work as professor and researcher at the UNSJ, in the public sector (San Juan Government) and the United Nations Program for Development (UNPD) Consultant in the Ministry of National Mining. He is a founding member of the Professional Council of Geological Sciences San Juan and member of the Society of Economic Geologists. He currently teaches part-time Chair of Economic Geology at UNSJ and is a director of UAKO.

Hein Poulus

Mr. Poulus is a lawyer and Partner with Stikeman Elliott LLP. He is Chairman and Director of Resinco Capital Partners Inc., Chairman and Director of Finavera Renewables Inc., and Director of Tournigan Energy Ltd.

Gerry Feldman, CA
Position: Chief Financial Officer

Gerry Feldman brings 28 years of Merger and Acquisition activities, corporate finance and financial experience. Gerry will be responsible for, and involved in, corporate development, merger and acquisition activities and corporate finance. Prior to joining Terreno Resources, Gerry was a senior Partner in a number of accounting firms where he provided consulting services to clients, specializing in audits of public companies and securities and mutual fund dealers. In addition to his accounting and finance experience, he holds Senior Officer and Director positions in several junior mining companies that are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, including Brownstone Ventures Inc., Mega Uranium and Pinetree Capital Ltd.